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11/16/2020 : 1:33 pm : +0100

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Solar Protecting Film

We increased our product range with "Solar Protecting Film for automobiles". The film is individual printable (optimal for advertisement). You can find more information here.

New Homepage

Thank you for visiting us at our new homepage.

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CreCon Spiel und Hobbyartikel x-GmbH
Phone +49 (6205) 9526-0

Welcome to the website of CreCon x-GmbH

CreCon x-GmbH is a modern, global acting company. We are more than 18 years a strong partner for many large companies in import and export business. Based on our knowledge and experience we are able to act very flexible on customer needs. We can accomplish any type of service. From a simple import / export to a full service outsourcing. We are able to provide the whole legal basis for your desired product (if required we can certify and test the products). This guarantees a 100% secure and high quality product for your customers. Please contact us for your questions and requests.

CreCon is "green"

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We also assist in protecting the environment. So we have a 400 m² large nearly 60 kW photovoltaic system on the roof of our warehouse in Hockenheim installed. This system produces up to 56.000kWh per year.

Besides that, we always pay attention for environmental friendly business processes and materials as well minimize the usage of paper, water and electricity.