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NEW: Zomlings

From September 2014 our new product is available at the kiosk and on the market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You can find more information here or

Solar Protecting Film

We increased our product range with "Solar Protecting Film for automobiles". The film is individual printable (optimal for advertisement). You can find more information here.

New Homepage

Thank you for visiting us at our new homepage.

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Our Products

We offer our products to industrial consumers almost. Our product range contains a lot of different toys and we don’t have all of them on stock as we produce and import order-related. Following products are on stock:

  • Zomlings "In The Town" are cool and funny figures to collect
  • "Sun Protection Foil for cars" (standard motives)

You can find here a selection of our products (more on request). We are pleased to take care of your needs and demand. For more information please contact us directly


Zomlings "In The Town"


From September 2014 we are distributing our new Product Zomlings “In The Town” in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Zomlings are cool and funny figures to collect, changing and play. The Zomlings, towers and houses contains to the Zomlings World. An own city can be built up within the creative and colorful Zomlings World.

Zomlings are for boys and girls and the attractive product line as well as the accessories completes the range. Series 1 contains of 105 characters: 48 regular characters each in two different colors, 6 ultra-rare Zomlings (silver) and 3 limited edition Zomlings (Gold).

For sales support we have booked some commercials in Germany (Pro7MAXX, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon) and Austria (Pro7MAXX and Nickelodeon) from September 2014. Please be advised that end consumer can buy our products at the kiosk and on the market, only.

You can find an overview of Zomlings Series 1 here. More pictures and information are on





CreCon Solar Protection Foil - take a ride with your advertisement



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